Sunday, August 18, 2013

Rich's expectations for church

ME: Rich, we’re going to church. You’re going to go to nursery!
RICH: Nursery.
ME: Yeah, you’ll get to be with the other kids.
RICH: Gwan. (said like Grant)
ME: No, Grant’s not going to be there. But there will be all the other kids.
RICH: Kay.
ME: No, McKay’s not going to be there either. But the other kids will be there.

A minute later, I was getting Rich out of his car seat.

RICH: Kenna.
ME: No, McKenna’s not going to be at church, but you’ll get to be with all the other kids in nursery.

Also, this was Rich's first time running up to the stand during sacrament meeting. We spent the last ten minutes of the meeting in a nearby classroom.


  1. OH I love it! And I can picture it all since i was there just 8 days ago! I want to come back!
    So how close were you sitting to the stand?

    1. We were in the overflow. So...all the way at the back. Yes, it was kind of embarrassing.